Following in the Wake of Monet

Did you know that Monet had a boat from which he traveled and painted the Seine River and it’s surrounding landscapes. He called it his bateau atelier. It was from this boat that he could continue his painting en pleine air, and paricularly,

The figure in the boat is the artist, Claude Monet, who created this floating studio outfitted with all his supplies so that he could paint from the middle of the water. Often Monet would anchor his boat when working. But sometimes he painted as he drifted down the river, creating landscapes that are really more a collection of momentary glimpses rather than a depiction of one specific spot

he could observe the water and the play of light. It was Monet and Renoir who first used complementary colors to depict the scintillating light on the surface of the water to reproduce the animated effects of sunlight and shadow and of direct and reflected light that they observed.

This is my bateau atelier, Hoop Doet Leven, a 100 year old Dutch barge that allows me to travel on the canals and rivers of France, stopping wherever I want to paint